Military Connectors

Hello, and welcome to Connector Combat. Today, we’ll be discussing military connectors and their role in serving the needs of armed forces.

Military connectors are connectors built to the kind of extremely high standards that members of our armed forces require. They are highly durable and able to withstand all kinds of extreme weather environments. They come in many shapes and sizes and are used for communications on all military fronts.

Originally developed in the 1930’s, military connectors were created to assist in air and tactical maneuvers. It was the Army-Navy standard, however, that set the foundation for all future successors. Today, these connectors are referred to as Military Standard. Among the most commonly used connectors in military applications are circular or rectangular connectors. While most are manufactured in the U.S., they are shipping around the globe.

How are they used?

It stands to reason that new uses are found for these strong, durable connectors each year. They are used in everything from communication, navigation, radar, and more. They are even used in electronic warfare. As their uses expand, their capabilities do as well. They continue to get smaller and lighter while carrying increased bandwidth and offering greater security. They even offer reduced energy consumption.

But perhaps their greatest use is in harsh environments. No connector can handle heat, wind, shock, vibration, and floods quite like military connectors.

The future of military connectors

No matter how warfare evolves there will always be a need for strong, durable, and secure connectors for use in communication. The fact that military connectors are also energy-efficient will also help expand their use.

That’s all for today. Tune back in soon for more from Connector Combat.